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Homoeopathy treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis spine pain Bamboo spine
Homoeopathy treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis spine pain Bamboo spine
Case Record No…….. Dated……….

A 41 year old male Mr. RCN, had come with complaints of whole spine pain since one year. He occasionally had pain in the chest region. He had no history of difficulty in breathing. His pain was more in the morning, bending forward, sitting for long period and during distension of abdomen due to gas formation. He felt better after passing stool and flatus.

He had a past history of fissure in anus 3 to 4 years back which was better after surgery. He had history of seminal emission after urination which was better after ayurvedic treatment.

He looked short, dark and thin. He liked to eat sweets and cabbage. He disliked eating fish and chicken. His thirst for water was very less. He could not bear cold temperature.

He was an alcoholic and had habit of chronic tobacco chewing.

By nature, he was a hard working person. For earning, he was away from home since sixteen years. He goes and visit his home one in a year. His occupation was sedentary. He had to sit for a long time sometimes up to fifteen hours a day. He would get angry on children and wife. Sometimes he would hit them. He would get dreams of dead relatives frequently.

He was given homoeopathic medicine China in infrequent doses. He gradually improved well. He was also advised for regular walking and spinal strengthening exercises.

Note: China used in this case is as per the indications. In all cases same medicine cannot be given. Every case has its unique presentation for prescription. Same medicine cannot be used for all the patients suffering from same disease condition. Homoeopathic medicines should be always taken under physician’s guidance only. Self-medications are not safe and prone to side effects.
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