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(Magnesium Chloride)

The action of this remedy centres around the LIVER and NERVES; uterus and rectum so it is adapted to nervous woman suffering from utero-hepatic  complaints or cardiac symptoms; or for those who have suffered for a long time from indigestion and biliousness; for men with disordered liver and sexual disorders; for puny rickety children during dentition.
It is an after dinner remedy many complaints such as fainting fits, dyspnoea, nausea and trembling etc occur after dinner; > by eructations
Ill effects of sea bathing especially weakness
Mentally patient is disinclined to talk.
Uneasiness nervous excitability with tendency to weep readily
Feels as if someone was reading after her and she must keep reading faster and faster.
Pains are boring, spasmodic, contractive, crampy, darting.
Shocks through the body like electric shocks when wide awake
Perversions of taste and smell
General soreness and sensitiveness to noises
Worse from LYING ON RIGHT SIDE; Noise; Night; Eating; Salt Foods; Milk; Touch; Sea bathing; Mental exertion.
Better from HARD PRESSURE; Lying bent; Hanging down; affected part; Gentle motion; Cool open air.
Indicated in Biliousness, Constipation, Liver Disorder, etc

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