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(Platina Metal)

Platina is suited to women with dark hair, thin, sanguine, bilious with too frequent and too profuse menses, sexual organs exceedingly sensitive. Many and various symptoms reflex from ovaries and uterus or sexual organs.
It affects the nerves, Vagus, Sensory and Trifacial causing violent cramping, squeezing, thrusting or numbing pains; then spasms.
Ill effects of fright; vexation; bereavement; fit of passion; sexual excess; prolonged haemorrhages; masturbation (before puberty)
Wounded pride or sexual excitement brings on mental symptoms.
CONTEMPT for others, Proud and haughty
She does not belong to her own family; everything seems changed.
Alone, deserted feeling
Disordered sense of proportion; objects seem smaller; strange frightful.
Screams for help.
Changing moods; weeps and laughs alternately.
Worse from Emotions; sexual coition chagrin; TOUCH; Nerve exhaustion; Fasting; during menses; Sitting; Standing; Bending backwards.
Better from Walking in open air; Sunshine; Stretching.
Alternate mental or physical symptoms
Localised numbness and coldness of parts
Indicated in Nymphomania, sexual abuse, Haemorrhoids, Hysteria, Menorrhagia, Neuralgia etc

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