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(Yellow Dock)

Rumex affects especially the mucous membranes of larynx, trachea, throat-pit, bowels. Nerves. Skin. Joints. Ankles.   
Mucous membranes are affected, producing dryness and sensitiveness. Mucous secretions decrease causing stickiness, with burning. Left chest had more verified symptoms than any other region.
It affects the nerves, causing numerous and varied pains; neither fixed nor constant anywhere; sharp pains; neuralgias. Acts on joints, esp. ankles. Even cold affects the joints.
Marked action on the skin, producing an intense itching. Worse exposure to cold air or when undressing. Eating meat causes belching and itching.
Obesity. Lymphatics enlarged and secretions perverted.
Dry, hacking, tickling cough (Bry.),preventing sleep. Violent cough with a scanty difficult expectoration. Rattling cough. Barking cough. Constant tickling in the pit of the throat, runs into bronchi.  Lump sensation in the throat that descends and comes back up after they swallow. Coughing as if a piece of phlegm is stuck in chest.  Rawness or burning under clavicle as if the air penetrated there, worse hawking. Clavicular pain, worse hawking. Soreness behind sternum.
Cough, worse from the least cold air or uncovering. Cough ceases by covering the body and head with bedclothes. Wants to be covered (Hep.).Cough worse by pressure, talking, at night, lying on left side, and better lying on right side. Cough provoked by changing rooms. Cough by change from cold to warm and warm to cold. Cough comes regularly at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Cough worse during early pregnancy, may cause miscarriage.
Low spirited; with serious expression of the face. Indifferent about his surroundings. Sadness and aversion to work, with irritability. Restless, sleep with vivid dreams, especially when the cough wakes them. Dreams of danger and robbers. Can wake up coughing or with diarrhea.
Anemia. Bronchitis. Coughs. Flatulence. Trachea disorders.
R. crispus

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