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(Cuttlefish Ink)

It is suited to young persons of both sexes of nervous and delicate constitution, who are disposed to sexual excitement or worn out by sexual excess.
Pot-bellied mothers, yellow saddle across nose, irritable, faint from least exertion, leuco-phlegmatic constitutions. Affections in pregnant women.
It affects the venous circulation especially of the FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS; of portal system and of digestive tract.
Venous stasis and thereby ptosis of viscera is a marked feature.
Ill effects of anger and vexation; blows; injury; overlifting; falls; jar; getting wet; laundry work; boiled milk; fat; pork; tobacco.
Mentally patient is angry, sensitive; irritable; easily offended and miserable.
Aversion; to family to those loved best; to sympathy; to company; yet dreads to be alone.
Sad over her health and domestic affairs.
Weeps when telling her symptoms.
Loves to dance and excited during thunderstorm
Symptoms settle in back in ileo-coecal region, ovaries etc upward in head;
Bearing down in pelvic region.
Tendency to abortion; from 5-7th month.
Ball sensation in inner parts
Worse from COLD; AIR; north wind; snowy air; snowfall wet; Sexual excess; Before menses; Pregnancy; Abortion; Morning and evening; After first sleep; Falling to sleep; Sitting standing; Kneeling; Jarring; Stooping; Coitus; Before thunderstorms; Touch; Ascending; Rubbing; Lifting; Scratching; Washing clothes.
Better from VIOLENT MOTION; Warmth; of bed; Pressure; Hot application; Crossing or drawing limbs up; After sleep; Cold drinks; cold bath; open air.
Indicated in Amenorrhoea, Uterine Prolapse, Miscarriage tendency, Low Libidio, Menopausal Disorder, Morning Sickness, Menstrual Disorder, Leucorrhoea etc

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