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(Pure Flint)

Silicea corresponds perfectly to many cases of rickets: children with large heads, open fontanelles and sutures, much sweating about the head, which must be kept warm, Distended abdomen, weak ankles, slow in learning to walk.
Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition, due to lack of assimilating power, oversensitive physically and mentally.
Its special affection on nutrition, nerves, glands and bones.
Ill effects of vaccination; stone cuttings; loss of vital fluids; injuries; sprains splinters.
Intolerant of alcoholic stimulant
Yielding, faint hearted.
Fixed ideas, thinks only of pins fears them searches them and counts them.
Loss of self confidence; dreads failure but unfounded.
Compunctions of conscience about trifles.
Complaints from anticipation
Want of grit moral or physical.
Sensation of hair on tongue
Suppurative Processes, ripens abscesses promotes pus formation
Tendency to easy exhaustion and abnormal sweats
Want of vital heat, even when taking exercise
Skin is unhealthy, even injury festers
Worse from COLD; AIR; DRAFT; damp; uncovering bathing; Checks sweat especially of feet; Nervous excitement; Light; Noise; Jarring; of spine; Moon changes; Night; Mental exertion; Alcohol; Touch; Pressure; Change of weather; Combing hair.
Better from WARM-WRAPS; to head; Summer; Wet humid weather; Profuse urination; Magnetism
Indicated in Acne, Anaemia, Keloid, Abscess, Rickets, Styes, Cephalohaematoma, Bronchitis, Constipation, Haemorrhoid, bone disorder etc

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