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(Jimson Weed)
Stramonium expends its force of action on the brain, producing marked and persistent disorder of the mental faculty; Hallucinations, fixed notions, terrifying delirium etc. Therefore it is a remedy of terrors.
Throat, skin and spinal nerve affected as well.
Stamonium allays some spasmodic movements and restores suppressed excretions in several cases in which absence of pain is a prominent symptom.
Ill effects of shock, fright, sun, childbirth
Mentally cannot bear solitude or darkness, must have light and company.
DREAD OF DARKNESS and has a horror of glistening objects.
Raving MANIA; with cold sweat. Religious insanity.
Fear and anxiety on hearing water run. Sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms.
Anxiety when going through a tunnel.
Devout, earnest, beseeching and ceaseless talking.
Delirium with desire to escape 
Child awakes terrified knows no one screams with fright clings to those near him.
Worse from Glistening objects; (mirror surface of water); Fright; After sleep; Dark; Cloudy days; Swallowing; Suppressions; Intemperance; Touch.
Better from LIGHT; Company; Warmth.
Indicated in Delirium, Delirium tremens, Mania, Rabies, Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Stammering speech, Headache, etc
Datura stramonium


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