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(Spanish Tarentula)

Tarentula hispanica is suited to nervous, hysterical patients, subject to chorea disorders to persons of foxy, mischievous and destructive tendency.
Tarentula prominently affects the nerves, Heart, spine, respiration and right side.
Ill effects of unrequited love, bad news, scolding, punishment, falls, sepsis.
Mentally Tarantula is Erratic, Lacks control, Selfish.
Crafty cunning.
Destructive destroys whatever she can lay hand on tears her clothes etc. Throws things away.
Desire to strike herself or others.
Malingering; when there are no observers there is no hysteria; when attentions is directed to her.
Laughs mocks runs dances gesticulates jokes cries sings till hoarse or exhausted.
The patient in restless fidgety; hurried; in constant motion though walking aggravates.
Rolls on ground from side to side or strikes vehemently with his feet; or rolls the head and rubs it; to relieve her distress.
Symptom appear suddenly; with VIOLENCE.
Violent pains, neuralgias, as if thousands of needles were pricking.
Emaciations as if the flesh fairly fell off the bones.
Worse ; Periodically yearly; at the same hour; TOUCH; Cold; Noise; Damp; Evening; After menses; Coitus; Washing head; Seeing others in trouble; Hands in cold water; Music.
Better from Relaxation; Rubbing; Sweating; Smoking; Music; Open air; Riding in a carriage; In the sun; Bright colours.
Indicated in Chorea, Hysteria, Cystitis, Diptheria, Tonsilitis, Pruritus vulvae, Bites, Spider etc

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