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A 98 yrs. old male had come with complaints of recurrent negative thoughts, anxiety especially about health, poor confidence, confusion, restlessness and sleeplessness since he was 18 years of age. He gets negative thoughts even while he was engaged in normal routine activities. While measuring blood pressure in doctor’s cabin, he would predict his blood pressure reading would be high, though he has normal readings every time he got checked. He would feel that he might get injured while crossing the road. He experiences anxiety while in flight thinking that something worse will happen to the aircraft.  His complaints would get aggravated while he is alone and would feel much better after socialization.

He was under allopathic medications for anxiety which did not benefit him at all.
He also reported frequent urination particularly at night. He was diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement and under regular medications.

By nature he was anxious especially regarding his health. While he was young he had undergone lot of financial crisis. He completed matriculation and by occupation was a stenographer. However, he was not much satisfied with his work as he did not get promotion. He was worried about his promotion at that point of time. Whenever he reads newspaper or listens to any health related discussions, he would immediately take on him. He would get anxious and develops negative thinking that he suffering from the same disease condition. He does yoga regularly.

He looked lean and thin. He does not have any specific cravings or aversions. His stool is normal. No specific thermal affinity.

He has undergone the following investigations: PSA 0.74 (mildly elevated), USG: Prostate increase in size 55x45x44. Small diverticulum noted in the left posterior wall of the urinary bladder. Urine routine was normal. Serum BUN and serum creatinine was normal.

He was on the following medications: Rosafit 10 mg, Minipress XL 5mg, Bilosar 50/6.25, Veltam plus, Zolfresh 5mg, Clonapax 0.25, Stablon, Macalvit 500 and Becozyme forte.

He was given homoeopathic medicine Arsenic Album and increased up to 50 M potency in infrequent doses as per the indications. He was also given bach flower medicines Gentian and Rock rose for a short period. He was under treatment for about a year. Gradually he recovered well. He developed calmness in his mind. His negative thoughts vanished. His urinary complaints were present on and off. He was given Sabal Serrulata as needed and discontinued with benefits. His sleep and confidence level improved.
Note: Arsenic Album is used in this case as per the indications. In all cases Arsenic Album cannot be given. Every case has it’s unique presentation for prescription. Same medicine cannot be used for all the patients suffering from same disease condition. Homoeopathic medicines should be always taken under physician’s guidance only. Self-medications are not safe and prone to side effects.
Case Record No.: TNG 05/33
Dated: 31st May, 2016.

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