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Homoeopathy treatment for fungal infection
Homoeopathy treatment for fungal infection
Case Record No…….. Dated……….

A 21 year old female Miss FTY, had complains of circular rounds eruptions all over the body since last three years. It started on cheeks and spread sparsely all over the body. It presented with severe itching which was more at night. She had profuse offensive perspiration with least exertion. Increased perspiration would give rise to itching. She had to scratch to feel better. No bleeding from the eruption. Eating brinjal would aggravate her itching. She had more eruptions at the inguinal region.

She looked dark complexion and obese. She had craving to eat sweets and yoghurt. Her thirst was less. She could not tolerate cold in any form. Her stool was hard and would pain at the anus while passing stool.

She was a college going student doing post graduation. She had lots of fear. Fear of being alone, fear of darkness and fear of ghost. She would get palpitation. She could not tolerate criticism. She would get angry and would try to control it. She does not react to her anger. She would cry. She does not share her feelings and emotions to others. If anybody scolded her for any mistakes, she would become sad, irritable and would not be able to study. She would cry and keep in mind. She was average in studies.

She was given homoeopathic medicine Pulsatilla in infrequent doses. Her skin complaints improved and she was also advised about hygiene level to prevent further.

Note: Pulsatilla used in this case is as per the indications. In all cases same medicine cannot be given. Every case has its unique presentation for prescription. Same medicine cannot be used for all the patients suffering from same disease condition. Homoeopathic medicines should be always taken under physician’s guidance only. Self-medications are not safe and prone to side effects. 
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