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Full Version: Homoeopathy treatment for Molluscum contagiosum and Chronic Dry Cough
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Homoeopathy treatment for Molluscum contagiosum and Chronic Dry Cough
Case Record No…….. Dated……….

A 6 years old girl Miss. AVI, had come with complains of multiple, small, raised, pink lesions with a dimple in the center on both hands, centre of the chest and back region since last three months with occasional fever.

She also had complains of dry cough on and off since two years of age. Her cough would increase during winter season, cloudy weather and whenever exposed to cold draft of air.

She could not tolerate cold weather. She had a desire for eating cold foods especially ice cream.

By nature, she was a talkative girl. She could easily communicate with everyone. She could make new friends very easily. She was sympathetic in nature. She does not destroy any of her toys. She would be very comfortable to travel with grandmother.

Patient was given homoeopathic medicine Phosphorus in infrequent doses in variable potencies as per the indications. She recovered well within few months.

Note: Phosphorus used in this case is as per the indications. In all cases Phosphorus cannot be given. Every case has its unique presentation for prescription. Same medicine cannot be used for all the patients suffering from same disease condition. Homoeopathic medicines should be always taken under physician’s guidance only. Self-medications are not safe and prone to side effects.     
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