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It affects the NERVES; MIND AND SENSES producing insensibility of nerves; PAINLESSNESS depression; drowsy stupor; torpidity and general sluggishness of function and lack of vital reaction; a kind of negative state.
Mentally patient is PLACID, Dull and Stupid. Wants nothing; says nothing ails him. Contented. Fears; after fright; which remains. Loss of power; of concentration; self control and judgement. Wants to go home thinking that he is not at home. Indifferent to pain and pleasure. Imagines parts of his body very large.
Ill effects of fear, fright, anger, shame, sudden joy; charcoal, fumes, sun.
Worse from EMOTIONS; FEAR fright; shame; joy; Odours; ALCOHOL; Sleep; SUPPRESSED DISCHARGES; Receding eruptions; If heated; sunstroke.
Better from Cold; Uncovering; Constant walking.
All complaints are characterized by a stupor. Complaints are painless and are accompanied by heavy, deep sleep, stertorous breathing.
Epilepsy; in sleep; from approach of strangers (children); from fright; < glare of light; from anger; insult.
Want of susceptibility to medicines even though indicated.
Indicated in Fear effects, Epilepsy, Stroke, Lead Colic, Coma, Constipation, Paralysis etc.
Papaver somniferum