by administrator at 01-27-2018, 03:08 PM
(Arbor Vitae)

Dr Hahnemann found Thuja as an antidote to sycotic miasm.
It acts chiefly on the mucous membranes of GENITO-URINARY tract; intestines; SKIN; mind; nerves; glands; occiput and left side.
It is the remedy for soft; exuberant; fungoid tissue; polypi, condylomata, warts; pediculated; black, suppressed.
Hydrogenoid or lymphatic constitution.
Mentally patient is over-excited, angry or anxious about trifles.
Irritable, jealous quarrelsome towards husband or mother controls herself, among strangers and doctors.
Fixed ideas; as if a strange person at his side; as if soul and body were separated; as if body were fragile made of glass; as of a live thing internally; as of being in the hands of a stronger power.
Great prostration and rapid emaciation.
Discharges are foul, acrid, musty, rancid or of sweetish odour.
Vaccinosis; never well since vaccination; neuralgia skin troubles etc.
Stitching, tearing pains in the glands, as if they were being torn to pieces.
Worse from COLD; DAMP; heat; of bed; Periodically - 3 AM and 3 PM; Yearly; Increasing moon; Moon light; During menses; Urinating; Tea; Coffee; Sweets; Fat food; Onions; Sun; Chewing; Bright light; Mercury; Syphilis; Stretching; Coitus; Closing eyes.
Better from Warm; wrapping; air; wind; Free secretions; Sneezing; Motion; Crossing legs; Touch; Drawing up limbs; Rubbing; Scratching.
It is indicated in Gonorrhoea, Sinusitis, Nasal Polyp, Warts, Cystitis, Asthma, Ovarian Cyst, Veneral Wart, Birthmark, Nasal Catarrh, Crippled nail, Vaccination effects etc.
Thuja Occidentalis

by administrator at 01-27-2018, 03:05 PM
(Spanish Tarentula)

Tarentula hispanica is suited to nervous, hysterical patients, subject to chorea disorders to persons of foxy, mischievous and destructive tendency.
Tarentula prominently affects the nerves, Heart, spine, respiration and right side.
Ill effects of unrequited love, bad news, scolding, punishment, falls, sepsis.
Mentally Tarantula is Erratic, Lacks control, Selfish.
Crafty cunning.
Destructive destroys whatever she can lay hand on tears her clothes etc. Throws things away.
Desire to strike herself or others.
Malingering; when there are no observers there is no hysteria; when attentions is directed to her.
Laughs mocks runs dances gesticulates jokes cries sings till hoarse or exhausted.
The patient in restless fidgety; hurried; in constant motion though walking aggravates.
Rolls on ground from side to side or strikes vehemently with his feet; or rolls the head and rubs it; to relieve her distress.
Symptom appear suddenly; with VIOLENCE.
Violent pains, neuralgias, as if thousands of needles were pricking.
Emaciations as if the flesh fairly fell off the bones.
Worse ; Periodically yearly; at the same hour; TOUCH; Cold; Noise; Damp; Evening; After menses; Coitus; Washing head; Seeing others in trouble; Hands in cold water; Music.
Better from Relaxation; Rubbing; Sweating; Smoking; Music; Open air; Riding in a carriage; In the sun; Bright colours.
Indicated in Chorea, Hysteria, Cystitis, Diptheria, Tonsilitis, Pruritus vulvae, Bites, Spider etc
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 03:04 PM

It is a great Anti-Psoric Remedy.
Patient is unable to walk erect STOOP SHOULDERED UNWASHED TALL AND LEAN; UNTIDY; and BODY OFFENSIVE in spite of washing.
Child looks dried a little old man; big head big belly with emaciated limbs.
It causes irregular distribution of CIRCULATION; causing LOCAL BURNING; THROBBING; or CONGESTION; flushes of heat; rush of blood to head, chest, heart.
REDNESS OF ORIFICES or of single parts is another prominent feature due to irregular circulation; LIPS ears nose eyelids anus vulva.
NUTRITION is affected on account of defective assimilation in spite of voracious appetite the patient emaciates (especially children).
It has an elective affinity for SKIN where it produces heat and burning with ITCHING.
Ragged philosopher; dirty looking persons who are always speculating on religious subject.
Imagines himself a great man
Very Selfish, no regards for other.
Lazy, hungry and always tired. Aversion to being washed.
Ill effects of falls, blows, sprains, sun.
Worse from SUPPRESSIONS; BATHING; Milk; HEATED; BY OVEREXERTION; IN BED; by woolen etc; Talking; Periodically; 11 A.M; Climacteric; Full moon; Standing; stooping; Reaching high; Sweets; Looking down; Crossing running water; Vaccination; Suppressed piles.
Better from Open air; Motion; Drawing up affected limbs; Sweating; Dry warm weather; Lying on right side; Walking; Dry heat.
It is often of great use in beginning the treatment of CHRONIC DISEASES and in finishing acute ones; or when the REACTION IS DEFICIENT when the carefully selected remedy fails to act.
Complaints that relapse.
ASCENDING EFFECTS rushes of blood, flushes of heat, vertigo etc.
Indicated in Alcoholism, Pneumonia, Skin Disorder, Haemorrhoids, Lumbago, Nettle Rash, Scabies, Vertigo, Diarrhoea etc
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 03:03 PM
(Jimson Weed)
Stramonium expends its force of action on the brain, producing marked and persistent disorder of the mental faculty; Hallucinations, fixed notions, terrifying delirium etc. Therefore it is a remedy of terrors.
Throat, skin and spinal nerve affected as well.
Stamonium allays some spasmodic movements and restores suppressed excretions in several cases in which absence of pain is a prominent symptom.
Ill effects of shock, fright, sun, childbirth
Mentally cannot bear solitude or darkness, must have light and company.
DREAD OF DARKNESS and has a horror of glistening objects.
Raving MANIA; with cold sweat. Religious insanity.
Fear and anxiety on hearing water run. Sight of water or anything glittering brings on spasms.
Anxiety when going through a tunnel.
Devout, earnest, beseeching and ceaseless talking.
Delirium with desire to escape 
Child awakes terrified knows no one screams with fright clings to those near him.
Worse from Glistening objects; (mirror surface of water); Fright; After sleep; Dark; Cloudy days; Swallowing; Suppressions; Intemperance; Touch.
Better from LIGHT; Company; Warmth.
Indicated in Delirium, Delirium tremens, Mania, Rabies, Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Stammering speech, Headache, etc
Datura stramonium

by administrator at 01-27-2018, 03:02 PM
(Pure Flint)

Silicea corresponds perfectly to many cases of rickets: children with large heads, open fontanelles and sutures, much sweating about the head, which must be kept warm, Distended abdomen, weak ankles, slow in learning to walk.
Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition, due to lack of assimilating power, oversensitive physically and mentally.
Its special affection on nutrition, nerves, glands and bones.
Ill effects of vaccination; stone cuttings; loss of vital fluids; injuries; sprains splinters.
Intolerant of alcoholic stimulant
Yielding, faint hearted.
Fixed ideas, thinks only of pins fears them searches them and counts them.
Loss of self confidence; dreads failure but unfounded.
Compunctions of conscience about trifles.
Complaints from anticipation
Want of grit moral or physical.
Sensation of hair on tongue
Suppurative Processes, ripens abscesses promotes pus formation
Tendency to easy exhaustion and abnormal sweats
Want of vital heat, even when taking exercise
Skin is unhealthy, even injury festers
Worse from COLD; AIR; DRAFT; damp; uncovering bathing; Checks sweat especially of feet; Nervous excitement; Light; Noise; Jarring; of spine; Moon changes; Night; Mental exertion; Alcohol; Touch; Pressure; Change of weather; Combing hair.
Better from WARM-WRAPS; to head; Summer; Wet humid weather; Profuse urination; Magnetism
Indicated in Acne, Anaemia, Keloid, Abscess, Rickets, Styes, Cephalohaematoma, Bronchitis, Constipation, Haemorrhoid, bone disorder etc
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 02:59 PM
(Cuttlefish Ink)

It is suited to young persons of both sexes of nervous and delicate constitution, who are disposed to sexual excitement or worn out by sexual excess.
Pot-bellied mothers, yellow saddle across nose, irritable, faint from least exertion, leuco-phlegmatic constitutions. Affections in pregnant women.
It affects the venous circulation especially of the FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS; of portal system and of digestive tract.
Venous stasis and thereby ptosis of viscera is a marked feature.
Ill effects of anger and vexation; blows; injury; overlifting; falls; jar; getting wet; laundry work; boiled milk; fat; pork; tobacco.
Mentally patient is angry, sensitive; irritable; easily offended and miserable.
Aversion; to family to those loved best; to sympathy; to company; yet dreads to be alone.
Sad over her health and domestic affairs.
Weeps when telling her symptoms.
Loves to dance and excited during thunderstorm
Symptoms settle in back in ileo-coecal region, ovaries etc upward in head;
Bearing down in pelvic region.
Tendency to abortion; from 5-7th month.
Ball sensation in inner parts
Worse from COLD; AIR; north wind; snowy air; snowfall wet; Sexual excess; Before menses; Pregnancy; Abortion; Morning and evening; After first sleep; Falling to sleep; Sitting standing; Kneeling; Jarring; Stooping; Coitus; Before thunderstorms; Touch; Ascending; Rubbing; Lifting; Scratching; Washing clothes.
Better from VIOLENT MOTION; Warmth; of bed; Pressure; Hot application; Crossing or drawing limbs up; After sleep; Cold drinks; cold bath; open air.
Indicated in Amenorrhoea, Uterine Prolapse, Miscarriage tendency, Low Libidio, Menopausal Disorder, Morning Sickness, Menstrual Disorder, Leucorrhoea etc
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 02:58 PM
(Yellow Dock)

Rumex affects especially the mucous membranes of larynx, trachea, throat-pit, bowels. Nerves. Skin. Joints. Ankles.   
Mucous membranes are affected, producing dryness and sensitiveness. Mucous secretions decrease causing stickiness, with burning. Left chest had more verified symptoms than any other region.
It affects the nerves, causing numerous and varied pains; neither fixed nor constant anywhere; sharp pains; neuralgias. Acts on joints, esp. ankles. Even cold affects the joints.
Marked action on the skin, producing an intense itching. Worse exposure to cold air or when undressing. Eating meat causes belching and itching.
Obesity. Lymphatics enlarged and secretions perverted.
Dry, hacking, tickling cough (Bry.),preventing sleep. Violent cough with a scanty difficult expectoration. Rattling cough. Barking cough. Constant tickling in the pit of the throat, runs into bronchi.  Lump sensation in the throat that descends and comes back up after they swallow. Coughing as if a piece of phlegm is stuck in chest.  Rawness or burning under clavicle as if the air penetrated there, worse hawking. Clavicular pain, worse hawking. Soreness behind sternum.
Cough, worse from the least cold air or uncovering. Cough ceases by covering the body and head with bedclothes. Wants to be covered (Hep.).Cough worse by pressure, talking, at night, lying on left side, and better lying on right side. Cough provoked by changing rooms. Cough by change from cold to warm and warm to cold. Cough comes regularly at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Cough worse during early pregnancy, may cause miscarriage.
Low spirited; with serious expression of the face. Indifferent about his surroundings. Sadness and aversion to work, with irritability. Restless, sleep with vivid dreams, especially when the cough wakes them. Dreams of danger and robbers. Can wake up coughing or with diarrhea.
Anemia. Bronchitis. Coughs. Flatulence. Trachea disorders.
R. crispus
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 02:58 PM
(Wind Flower)

It affects the MINDS; VEINS; MUCOUS MEMBRANES; respiration and one side.
It is a remedy for females of mild gentle plethoric yielding disposition who cry readily and weep when talking.
Ill effects of SUPPRESSIONS otorrhoea, menses, lochia, milk etc., eating ice-creams; pork fats; pastry; mixed diet, Abandonment, Grief.
Craves sympathy, Weeps easily.
Children like fuss and caresses. Child wants to be carried slowly.
Fear of Abandonment.
Fear; to be alone, of dark, of ghosts in the evening therefore wants to hide or run.
THIRSTLESSNESS; CHILLINESS AND SHORTNESS OF BREATH; with digestive or menstrual disorders.
Symptoms rise to a certain pitch then suddenly cease.
Never well since puberty.
Changing and contradictory symptoms; having no head or tails to them.
Worse from WARMTH OF AIR; OF ROOM; Clothes; BED; Getting feet wet; EVENING; REST; BEGINNING MOTIONS; LYING on one side (left); EATING RICH FOODS fats ices eggs; PUBERTY; PREGNANCY; Before menses; Iron; Quinine; Hanging down limbs; Tea; Thunderstorms, Sun Twilight.
Better FROM COLD; FRESH OPEN AIR; food drinks; Uncovering; Gentle motion; Erect POSTURE, continued motion; After a good cry; Pressure; Rubbing; Lying with head high.
Indicated in Amenorrhoea, anaemia, Chicken-pox, Colds, Conjunctivitis, Foetus- mal position, Mumps, Leucorrhoea, Measles, Sinusitis etc.
Pulsatilla nigricans

by administrator at 01-27-2018, 02:57 PM
(Platina Metal)

Platina is suited to women with dark hair, thin, sanguine, bilious with too frequent and too profuse menses, sexual organs exceedingly sensitive. Many and various symptoms reflex from ovaries and uterus or sexual organs.
It affects the nerves, Vagus, Sensory and Trifacial causing violent cramping, squeezing, thrusting or numbing pains; then spasms.
Ill effects of fright; vexation; bereavement; fit of passion; sexual excess; prolonged haemorrhages; masturbation (before puberty)
Wounded pride or sexual excitement brings on mental symptoms.
CONTEMPT for others, Proud and haughty
She does not belong to her own family; everything seems changed.
Alone, deserted feeling
Disordered sense of proportion; objects seem smaller; strange frightful.
Screams for help.
Changing moods; weeps and laughs alternately.
Worse from Emotions; sexual coition chagrin; TOUCH; Nerve exhaustion; Fasting; during menses; Sitting; Standing; Bending backwards.
Better from Walking in open air; Sunshine; Stretching.
Alternate mental or physical symptoms
Localised numbness and coldness of parts
Indicated in Nymphomania, sexual abuse, Haemorrhoids, Hysteria, Menorrhagia, Neuralgia etc
by administrator at 01-27-2018, 02:56 PM

Phosphorus causes inflammation and degeneration of the MUCOUS MEMBRANES; of STOMACH AND BOWELS; inflames the spinal cord and NERVES; causing fatty degeneration of BLOOD VESSELS and every tissue and organ of the body; thus it produces a picture of destructive metabolism.
It is suited to those young people who grow rapidly and inclined to stoop.
Tall slender persons of sanguine temperament; nervous, weak, delicate persons who like to be magnetized.
Ill effects of anger fear grief; worry; exposure to drenching rains; washing clothes; tobacco; having hair cut, Iodine, Excessive use of salt.
Anxious; fears being alone, at twilight; of ghost; about future; of thunderstorms, as if something creeping out of every corner.
Excitable, Impressionable
Wants Sympathy, Clairvoyant
Great susceptibility to external impressions light, sound, odour, touch, electrical changes etc.
HAEMORRHAGES; recurrent vicarious; small wounds bleed much.
TIGHTNESS; in chest, cough etc.
Craves cold drinks
Worse from LYING ON; painful side; LEFT SIDE; ON BACK; SLIGHT CAUSES; EMOTIONS; talking; touch; odours; light; COLD; open air; Putting HANDS in cold water; WARM INGESTA; Puberty; Salt; Sexual excess; Loss of fluids; Weather; sudden change in; windy; cold; thunderstorms; lightning; morning and evening; Mental fatigue; Twilight; Shaving.
Better from Eating; Sleep; Cold; food water washing face with cold water; Rubbing; magnetic; dark.
Indicated in Bronchitis, colds, Diabetes, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Nosebleed, Pancreas Disorder, Tuberculosis, Retinitis, Paralysis etc  
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