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(Cobra Venom)

The action of naja settles around the HEART; hypertrophy and valvular diseases.
Affects medulla and cerebellum; respiration, throat, ovary
Ill effect of grief.
Mentally patient broods constantly over imaginary troubles and make himself wretched.
Suicidal insanity
Aversion to talking and Dreads to be left alone.
Fear of rain.
As if everything were done wrong and could not be rectified.
Left sided symptoms.
Organ seems to be drawn together.
Constriction in chest, throat etc
Screw up sensation and crampy pain
Worse from Lying on left side; after menses; Cold air; drafts; Pressure of clothes; Alcohol; Touch
Better from Walking or riding in open carriage; Sneezing; Smoking
Concommitent  symptoms with heart complaints are pain in forehead and temples
Indicated in Heart Disorder, Asthma, Headache etc.

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