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(Sodium Chloride)

Common salt profoundly affects the nutrition. MIND, HEART, liver and spleen come under its influence.
The patient is thin, thirsty poorly nourished on account of digestive disturbances and his MENTAL BEHAVIOUR and physical symptoms are hopeless or awkward in nature.
Ill effects of disappointment; fright, grief, fit of passion; loss of fluids, masturbation; injury to head; silver salts; salt.
Depressed and Introverted
Easily angered < if consoled.
Hateful, to persons who had offended him. An idea clings preventing sleep inspires revenge.
Boisterous grief. Dwells on past unpleasant memories.
Young girls become lovelorn and fall in love with married men.
Thinks he is pitied for his misfortunes and weeps.
Children talk late; cross irritable cry from slightest cause.
Great Weakness and weariness
Emaciation; descending of neck or abdomen. Emaciation even while living well.
MUCOUS MEMBRANES and skin may be dry or may produce thick white or clear watery acrid discharges. Dryness of mouth, throat, rectum, vagina etc.
Numbness of one side; parts lain on; with paralysis; fingers parts seem too short.
Great craving for Common salt
Worse from Exact periodicity; 9 to 11 am; with the sun; Alternate days; After menses; HEAT; of sun summer; dampness; Exertion- of eyes mental talking, reading, writing; Violent emotions; Sympathy; Puberty; Quinine; Bread fat acid food; Coition; Sea shore; Chronic sprains; Noise; music; Touch.
Better from Open air; Cool bathing; Sweating; Rest; Going without regular meals; Tight clothing; Deep breathing; Before breakfast; Rubbing; Lying on right side.
Indicated in Anaemia, Depression, Goitre, Hypothyroidism, Rheumatism, Addison’s Disease, Diabetes, Malaria, Grief, Herpes, Infertility, Sun stroke, etc

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