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(Sodium Sulphate)

It is a remedy for hydrogenoid constitutions; where complaints are such as due to living in damp houses; basements cellars; patients cannot eat even plants growing near water nor fish.
It specially affects OCCIPUT and LIVER, Pancreas.
Mental troubles arising from injury to head
Sensitive and Suspicious
Sadness < music and Suicidal impulses; has to use self control to prevent shooting himself.
Does not want to speak and feels that nobody should talk to him.
Objective Realistic, always adhere to matters of fact.
Strong sense of Duty and Responsibility
Worse from DAMP; weather; night air; Cellars; Lying on left side; Injuries to head; Lifting; Touch; Pressure; Wind; Light; Music; Subdued light; Late evening; Vegetables fruits; Cold food and drinks; Lying along in one position.
Better from Open air; warm dry air; Change of position; Breakfast; Lying on back.
Ill effects of fall
Hahnemannian Sycotic miasmatic remedy.
Yellow; watery secretions or thick yellow green discharges.
Indicated in Head Injuries, Asthma, Hepatomegaly, Pancreatitis, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Fistula, Abscess, Headache etc

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