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(Phosphoric Acid)

Pho-ac affects the MIND especially EMOTIONAL SIDE; in addition it influences sensory nerves; sexual system and bones.
WEAKNESS and DEBILITY common to all acids is very marked in this acid; with free secretion; profuse urination; loss of fluids; sweating etc.
Mental debility appears first then physical.
Useful to those young people who grow rapidly and who are over taxed mentally and physically; when the system is ravaged from acute diseases; venereal excess; grief, loss of vital fluids.
Mentally, Persons of mild disposition.
Quiet; unwilling to speak or hasty speech.
Apathetic, Indifferent to everything.
Cannot collect his ideas; hunts for words, Poor memory.
Home sickness with inclination to weep.
Dread of future; broods over one's condition.
Ill effects of bad news, disappointed love, grief, chagrin injuries, shock, Separation from home, Loss of fluids, Sexual excesses, Operations, Over-lifting, Over-study, Shock.
Sense of pressure as of causing weight; in forehead, in sternum, in vertex; in eyes, navel, breasts, etc.
Relieves Pain of Cancer
Bruised, soreness like growing pain.
Worse from LOSS OF FLUIDS; Sexual excess; Fatigue; Convalescence from fevers; EMOTION; grief chagrin; Mental shock; Home sickness; Unhappy love; Drafts; cold; Music; Talking; Sitting; Standing; Over lifting; Operations; Fright (chronic).
Better from WARMTH; Short sleep; Stool.
Indicated in Diarrhoea, Diabetes, Hair loss, Spermatorrhea, Neurasthenia, Headache, Vertigo etc

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