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Phosphorus causes inflammation and degeneration of the MUCOUS MEMBRANES; of STOMACH AND BOWELS; inflames the spinal cord and NERVES; causing fatty degeneration of BLOOD VESSELS and every tissue and organ of the body; thus it produces a picture of destructive metabolism.
It is suited to those young people who grow rapidly and inclined to stoop.
Tall slender persons of sanguine temperament; nervous, weak, delicate persons who like to be magnetized.
Ill effects of anger fear grief; worry; exposure to drenching rains; washing clothes; tobacco; having hair cut, Iodine, Excessive use of salt.
Anxious; fears being alone, at twilight; of ghost; about future; of thunderstorms, as if something creeping out of every corner.
Excitable, Impressionable
Wants Sympathy, Clairvoyant
Great susceptibility to external impressions light, sound, odour, touch, electrical changes etc.
HAEMORRHAGES; recurrent vicarious; small wounds bleed much.
TIGHTNESS; in chest, cough etc.
Craves cold drinks
Worse from LYING ON; painful side; LEFT SIDE; ON BACK; SLIGHT CAUSES; EMOTIONS; talking; touch; odours; light; COLD; open air; Putting HANDS in cold water; WARM INGESTA; Puberty; Salt; Sexual excess; Loss of fluids; Weather; sudden change in; windy; cold; thunderstorms; lightning; morning and evening; Mental fatigue; Twilight; Shaving.
Better from Eating; Sleep; Cold; food water washing face with cold water; Rubbing; magnetic; dark.
Indicated in Bronchitis, colds, Diabetes, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Nosebleed, Pancreas Disorder, Tuberculosis, Retinitis, Paralysis etc  

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