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It is a great Anti-Psoric Remedy.
Patient is unable to walk erect STOOP SHOULDERED UNWASHED TALL AND LEAN; UNTIDY; and BODY OFFENSIVE in spite of washing.
Child looks dried a little old man; big head big belly with emaciated limbs.
It causes irregular distribution of CIRCULATION; causing LOCAL BURNING; THROBBING; or CONGESTION; flushes of heat; rush of blood to head, chest, heart.
REDNESS OF ORIFICES or of single parts is another prominent feature due to irregular circulation; LIPS ears nose eyelids anus vulva.
NUTRITION is affected on account of defective assimilation in spite of voracious appetite the patient emaciates (especially children).
It has an elective affinity for SKIN where it produces heat and burning with ITCHING.
Ragged philosopher; dirty looking persons who are always speculating on religious subject.
Imagines himself a great man
Very Selfish, no regards for other.
Lazy, hungry and always tired. Aversion to being washed.
Ill effects of falls, blows, sprains, sun.
Worse from SUPPRESSIONS; BATHING; Milk; HEATED; BY OVEREXERTION; IN BED; by woolen etc; Talking; Periodically; 11 A.M; Climacteric; Full moon; Standing; stooping; Reaching high; Sweets; Looking down; Crossing running water; Vaccination; Suppressed piles.
Better from Open air; Motion; Drawing up affected limbs; Sweating; Dry warm weather; Lying on right side; Walking; Dry heat.
It is often of great use in beginning the treatment of CHRONIC DISEASES and in finishing acute ones; or when the REACTION IS DEFICIENT when the carefully selected remedy fails to act.
Complaints that relapse.
ASCENDING EFFECTS rushes of blood, flushes of heat, vertigo etc.
Indicated in Alcoholism, Pneumonia, Skin Disorder, Haemorrhoids, Lumbago, Nettle Rash, Scabies, Vertigo, Diarrhoea etc

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