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(Strontium Carbonate)

Affects vasomotor nerves [circulation; heart; kidneys]. Marrow. Ankles. * Right  side. Left side.

Worse: COLD; changes. Uncovering; undressing. WALKING [headache; congestion; leucorrhoea; dyspnoea; pressure in sternum]. MENOPAUSE. Sprains. Bleeding. Evening. Night. DARKNESS. Rubbing. After lying down and rising again. Exertion.

CHILLY. Great sensitiveness to cold in general and to DRAFTS of air.

Better: heat and light [sun; wraps; baths].

*Seems to be a combination of Calc. and Bell.

"Vital people. Take a lot of social responsibilities, like groups and courses".

Predisposition toward strokes and high blood pressure. Rising of blood pressure. "Distress about or around the heart, as if pressed upon." "As of a load on chest." "Heart feels smothered." ARTERIOSCLEROSIS. 

CONGESTION to head, face, chest. HEAT of head and heat or redness of face. Face very pale or bright red. REDNESS of face from physical exertion, especially walking. THREATENED APOPLEXY.
Headache; starting in cervical region [tension in nape of neck], extending to head. > Heat [heat of sun!; infra-red lamp; wraps].

BONE affections [particularly FEMUR], especially of scrophulous children when associated with diarrhoea. FLEETING pains; can hardly tell where they are, seemingly felt in marrow of bones; increase and decrease gradually or make the patient faint and sick all over. Burning, gnawing. Violent involuntary starts of the body Immobility; of one side. Sense of paralytic weakness. Calcification, osteoporosis. Weak and brittle bones that break easily. Bony growths and enlargements. 

Sprained or puffed ankles. Swelling of ankle remaining after a SPRAIN. WEAKNESS of ANKLES. Chronic sprains. Better immersing in hot water.

Profuse PERSPIRATION at night. FLUSHES of heat; in face [pulsation of carotids]; yet averse to uncovering. During climacteric.

Characteristic weak ankles (Nat-c.). Chronic sprains of the ankle with edema. Sciatica associated with weak ankles. Ice cold feet. Leg and foot cramps (Calc.).

Anticipation, complaints from. Apprehension as from bad conscience. Confusion, spirituous liquors, from. Delusions, criminals, about. Destructiveness. Fear, dark. Light, desire for. Depression of spirits. Excessive forgetfulness. Inquietude and anguish. Irritable, suddenly becomes angry, beats anything that comes in his way. Peevishness with tendency to fly into a rage. Striking, about him at imaginary objects.


Ankle, sprains. Bones, diseases. Emaciation. Neuritis. Photophobia. Sternum, pains. For the shock after surgical operations. Chronic sequelae of hemorrhages, after operations with much oozing of blood and coldness and prostration.

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