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A 25 yrs. old male had come with complaints of hairfall, dullness, weakness and poor concentration in work since 9-10 months.  He was diagnosed having thyroid problem and was started on allopathic medicine. However, he did not find any improvement in his complaints. He was encouraged by one of his friend to start homoeopathy treatment and hence approached me.

By nature, he was an anxious and fearful person. He blames himself for his suffering. He recollects his past memory of committing crime after having unprotected sex with his colleague. He felt guilty for his behavior and had intense fear of developing serious illness due to it.

He had undergone the following investigations:
CT scan neck done on June 2017 was suggestive of; few reticulonodular infiltration in medial segment of right middle lobe infective eitiology. Brain CT scan was normal.

On November 2017; T4 was 12.9 (increased) and TSH was less than 0.01 (decreased)

On January 2018; TSH was 13.12 (increased) before starting homoeopathic treatment.

He was initially on allopathic medicine tablet methimazole 5 mg twice daily before food. Later he was put on tablet thyroxin 50 micrograms daily on empty stomach.

He was given homoeopathic medicine Stramonium in infrequent doses as per the indications. His sign of improvement started immediately from the first week after starting treatment. His concentration improved at work. He was happy, energetic and the feeling of guilt was no more present. His hairfall was completely stopped. He himself stopped allopathic medicine as he started feeling much improvement with homoeopathic medicines. His TSH level became normal after four months of starting treatment.

Note: Stramonium is used in this case as per the indications. In all cases Stramonium cannot be given. Every case has it’s unique presentation for prescription. Same medicine cannot be used for all the patients suffering from same disease condition. Homoeopathic medicines should be always taken under physician’s guidance only. Self-medications are not safe and prone to side effects.
Case Record No.: TNG 03/33
Dated: 4th March, 2018.

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