Hello friends this is dr. Radha Shankar from Mumbai. This audio record is about a coronavirus and it’s 21 days of isolation. Why this recording because people have not understand what is Coronavirus and why does 21 days of isolation step is taken up by the government. First i would like to tell about corona virus. If we tend to study in depth the coronavirus as any other virus it affects the mucous membrane the respiratory tract in about 3 days patient would come up with complains of cold nose obstruction sneezing running nose and occasionally cough and few of a gastrointestinal compliments means diarrhoea or abdominal cramps this is the true picture and these symptoms go off as any other normal flu, which we seasonally experience. But what is the current strategies? What’s the current status of the corona  virus? Does it affect the same way? We need to think no.

It is not in the same way the incubation period as extended from today’s to 14 day suddenly, they’re coming up with the complaints, cough with respiratory distress patient is put into ventilation. So we need to become alert. What is this? Is it a normal way spread of a virus or it is something else. So now there is no time for reasoning out what it is and how it is. Now the time is like how we can prevent ourselves how we can protect our near and dear one our children our parents from this deadly virus there is no doubt it is deadly virus because we are saying maintain hygiene maintain sanitization can help do you think the countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, USA they were lacking hygiene, no. We are talking about the government that the government is not providing facilities for the doctors and the patience for cure. Do you think these countries were lacking this medical facility? No, but still they could not fight, why because it is going beyond control beyond anything.

They’re not able to reason out why is such a huge pandemic is occurring and what type of a treatment strategies can help. So please we are in a better face. The only thing which we can do for ourselves for our betterment is isolation what the government is saying here now isolation people are not able to understand in the lockdown period People are allowed out only where there is a need, emergency or emergency. Otherwise, you are completely locked down inside the room in hospital environment. When we say the patient is getting isolated means the patient is completely arrested in the room. He is not allowed to get out until and unless his an infection stages is cleared this is for two reason his infection should not get spread to the outside people and outside people should not bring any kind of infection inside. So please think you are also a patient who is supposed to get locked down inside your room. You are not supposed to allow to get out of your room neither anybody from your neighbourhood or anybody from other places are supposed to get in. Now in the isolated ward only few doctors or nurses are allowed in. Means what they are trained to take care of that patient. Also, they have been protected Well, they have a special mask, gloves and gown the moment they deal with the patient. When they are out they sanitize themself then they go in to the ward and they communicate. Similarly if there is a situation where you have to go out to buy medicine, food or anything. So you’re going out and when your back only washing hand washing feet washing face is not going to help here when we study the strategies the virus not only getting spread through droplet infection is it is also surface contaminant.

If you are taking any kind of objects from the market may be any fruits or vegetables it is been handled by 100s before you, so indirectly you are going to carry virus even without your knowledge to your home thinking that you’re doing something better. You go and wash your hand, you put sanitizer it is not going to help what you are going to do when you’re bringing something.


Take it directly put it into the water put it soak it in the saltwater or into a water with a pinch of a turmeric also place it and directly go to the bathroom take complete shower head to feet change your clothes put it in the detergent. Meanwhile, you are not going to touch any of the surface of your home. Nor you are going to communicate with any of the members. So as a particular doctor isolate the ward, similarly at home kids elderly patients or elderly person or anybody they are not going to come in contact with the external enviornment. One person of the home when needed can communicate can go out get the things and get back and again maintain the isolation rules. It is not a game, you are not supposed to communicate or talk to anybody around. So this is isolation where you are also protected and even you protect the society.

It is not like I can see people on roads. They going for Walking they are going for jogging they feel the road is empty. The police is not there now so we can roam around please now, we have social workers, para medical people doctors everybody open for us the shopkeepers, At least on time basis open for us. If we do not maintain this and if the outbreak is more the spreading is more even these people will come up with infection. We will not have anybody to protect us starting from our security to the medical team. What we can offer best for ourselves and for our society as of now is complete isolation completely be in the room. What is needed get out. Otherwise do not go maintain with whatever things which is with you and try to maintain that not only for one day but whatever things are there try to manage it for 4 or 5 days, then when it is over you get back out do not hold also.

So many people want the thing what you also want. First thing is isolation, second thing is self prevention There is one side people who are not aware of it all the other side people who are highly anxious. So we need to be alert and conscious but we not be too much anxious about it. Yes, we need to face even when they’re saying the mortality rate the death rate is 2% maybe from our foreign friends and relatives and maybe from the doctor’s the audio and videos released may be it is more. May be It is up to 10% maybe but the remaining 90% who have already been infected. They are recovering also they are claiming. There’s no medicine no vaccines, Nothing, We are managing symptomatically doctors are trying hard to do their best. But how are they recovering so hear plays the role of our immunity system. We need to keep up our immunity as well if you are very much anxious and worried about the situation you are dropping your immunity system.

So please do not drop it be positive be careful and be alert and follow all the rules and regulations instructions passed on by the government, instructions passed on by the doctors and paramedical workers the social workers. Please respect and please follow them and keep your mind calm first. Second, exercise yourself sitting at home. Do not only go for the dashboard which is been shown in the television. What is the score now? What is happening mims comedy jokes? No, please sit at home. You all are with the family. You can have a family sit family breathing exercises where it forms a pattern every day. You’re doing twice or thrice. You sit you do pranayama you do breathing exercises a simple one have a deep inhalation. Hold your breath for some few seconds, and then breathe out. Here holding the breath will be different for different person as per the age group. But do this exercise? This will increase your lung capacity, even when there will be any breathless episodes coming, your lungs will be already prepared for this they will fight back against it.

Second the infection when it affects it is affecting the throat mucus, you will feel that cough is getting blocked into the throat and slowly gradually into the lungs pipe that is how the patient goes into severe cough and breathlessness and he is put into ventilation. So you always drink warm water do not take anything which is cold in the form of cold water from your fridge or ice creams or anyting please drink warm water always if it is possible for any kind of citrus fruits with vitamin C Rich fruits like oranges or sweet limes, you take. It is okay to take if it is not there no need to worry. You can go for lemon juices even this is not available go for simple hot water, take steam keep your respiratory system intact free so that it can fight this virus. Even if the virus is entering with in you, we take up the scope of this 90% of people who can fight back the disease and we should be readily prepared for the disease. Not only you, teach all the members of your family sit together and practice this so it becomes a daily routine practice for this 21 days.

So friends, hopefully, this message would have helped you create a little bit of awareness and seriousness both and be relaxed and do it. Seriously. Do not think somebody else will come to rescue. You know, nobody’s going to come to rescue when you’re severely affected when you come up with the disease. It is the stage where you can prevent yourself, so, please do not step out and do not allow anybody to step in your house as well. Thank you. If possible share this talk to your friends in your own regional language so that this message can reach as much as possible. Thank you.