What is homoeopathy? 

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine founded at Germany 200 yrs back. Now most commonly used in India for all types of diseases. It increases the immunity of the body to fight the disease on its own. This system of medicine helps to cure the disease from within. It eliminates the disease from the root cause. It has no side effects and has permanent cure. 

Why does Homoeopathy take a long time?

It’s a myth that it takes a long time. Homeopathic remedies can work fast.  Most patients with acute conditions find relief in one or two days. Patients start feeling better in few days in chronic conditions. As chronic conditions develop over a period of time, treatment takes time to cure completely.

Will I have to take Homoeopathic medicine forever? 

No. Doctor stops the treatment once the patient is cured.

What are the advantages of Homoeopathy?

Safe and non-toxic medicines so no kidney damage, no side effects, low cost, permanent cure. Useful for all ages from children to old age. Useful for all diseases. 

How does it differ from Allopathy?

Allopathic medicine aim to destroy bacteria and viruses, control physiological process, and maintain body function within the range necessary to sustain life like giving analgesic (pain killer) for pain, anti-emetic for vomiting, etc.. 
Homoeopathy helps by increasing the self-healing power of patient and cures the disease.

What is patients (your) role for homoeopathy treatment?

For your best treatment you should help the doctor in giving proper details of your diseases, open and truthful in describing your complaints.  It helps the doctor to understand all your complaints at mind and body level and give you the right one single homoeopathic medicine from thousands of medicines available. During the first visit you should explain all the details about your problems which may take at least one hour consultation time. “RIGHT CHOICE OF MEDICINE CAN CURE FAST”

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